• Piano Fight (map)
  • 144 Taylor Street
  • San Francisco, CA

So You Think You Can Lap Dance? is back for their 3rd season at Pianofight, dedicated to the pursuit of spontaneous dancing on your lap with talent, finesse, and creativity.

SYTYCLD takes 6 trained professionals in the art of dance, comedy, and theater, and asks them to take the huge risk of IMPROVISING an amazing "lap" dance on brave audience volunteers. Generic "lap" dances should not be expected. Our mission is to blow open the possibilities of what a LAP DANCE can really be.

Each show, one winner will be selected by the audience, our knowledgeable and talented panel of judges, and our host Martha T. Lipton. Our SEASON FINALE in December will conclude with the winners of each episode batttling it out for a grand cash prize and the glorious title of "LAP DANCE CHAMPION."

We hope you can join us in watching, participating, and supporting this show which is a fusion of IMPROVISATION, DANCE, and COMEDY.